Bench Solution for MD1CP007

Bench Solution for MD1CP007

Version of Flex out now A new protocol for Land Rover vehicles is now available on Flex: with this latest software update, you will be able to program MD1CP007 engine units in Bench mode. Connect your Flex to the ECU connector to access the whole content of Internal Flash and Internal EEPROM memories, then start

Xhorse Special Promo

Complete your VVDI tool line From today up until March 17th, enjoy this special promo on a selection of Xhorse products designed to program, cut and generate automotive keys. Choose VVDI Mini Prog, VVDI MB, VVDI Xhorse Remote Watch, VVDI Key Reader and integrate your VVDI tool line with: VVDI Mini Prog allowing to program

New road driving simulation for 4WD

Version 1.1.0 of Dynomag Hub out now New software release out now for 4WD road driving simulation tests, allowing Dynomag Hub to simulate the force of a vehicle in motion on a smooth, level surface, free from tire rolling resistance, driveline losses and aerodynamic drag. Briefly, this kind of tests simulate the same force exerted by the road

Flex Book, the official user guide

For automotive professionals and enthusiasts Flex Book is here: the official guide describing all the features of the ECU and TCU programmer signed Magicmotorsport. Designed for automotive professionals and enthusiasts, it offers a comprehensive vision of Flex and its functioning. From protocols to connection modes, from user interface to key features, from case studies to

Magicmotorsport is now part of SEMA

We propel our presence in the US Magicmotorsport USA becomes a member of SEMA, the association for automotive professionals. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) boasts over 7,000 associated companies and represents a great opportunity for networking with the main leaders on the market. Joining this trade association means receiving support and making connections with the

See you around the world

All the dates to save for 2024 2024 Calendar is now ready. From end of February, the team of Magicmotorsport will be around promoting the best products for mechatronic workshops, in Italy and abroad. Many events are waiting for you all over the world. We will be taking part into the main international automotive trade