FLEX release - OBD MEDC17 Mercedes
FLEX release ver. – OBD MEDC17 Mercedes is now available This OBD protocol has been improved since its first appearance in MAGPro2 x17 thanks to the advanced hardware of FLEX. We have also added new protocols to work by bench and Bootloader on Tricore processors! Coming up next: Renesas… New Protocols added: Alfa Romeo Bosch
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Temporary suspension of activities

March 22nd, 2019 – Temporary suspension of activities at MAGICMOTORSPORT MAGICMOTORSPORT wishes to inform all customers that on Friday March 22nd, 2019 our Italian office will be closed from 8.00 am to 14.30 pm CET. This temporary suspension concerns all departments i.e. Technical Support, Administration, Sales, Shipping, Research & Development, Human Resources and Marketing. Normal activities
Flex ver released

Flex ver released

FLEX release is out, alongside FLEX’s first batch of OBD protocols! MAGICMOTORSPORT is proud to announce that from today Flex can officially be used via OBD on BMW and VAG MEDC17, respectively by ENET and OBD cables connected to the tool. Thanks to Flex interfacing system, it is NO longer needed (as with X17
FLEX release

FLEX release

FLEX release includes new protocols and big news: Your subs have run out? FLEX keeps working! MAGICMOTORSPORT has implemented a new licensing system that allows you to use the BDM MPC5xx and Toyota AUD76F00XX protocols offline. To have access to these protocols, you will not need an internet connection: you must simply log in to