StageX in Dark Mode is now reality!

Dark Mode is now reality!

StageX is still growing strong With easy DTC removal dedicated to a variety of next Petrol ECUs from MED17.5 family, to completion our precise mappacks for those control units, we’re also introducing a new batch of improvements for StageX app itself, such as Dark Mode, new switches and optimization of the whole app to be the fastest, most
StageX: Following 33 ECUs with Mappacks

Following 33 ECUs with Mappacks

New Temic, Continental, Motorola and Bosch ECUs now on StageX! With this update we’re presenting you the next batch of mappacks for over than 30 new ECUs manufactured by Temic, Motorola, Bosch or Continental.
Easy DTC removal for variety of MED17.1 ECUs
From this update you’re be able to easily remove DTCs on a variety of petrol ECUs such as MED17.1, MED17.1.1, MED17.1.11, MED17.1.6, MED17.1.61, MED17.1.63 and MED17.1.65 which complements our latest release where we’ve introduced highly precise mappacks for those control units. From now on, you can perfect your modification from the beginning to the end
New Toyota Gen3 solutions

New Toyota Gen3 solutions

Flex updates to The compatibility list of Flex is enhanced by the drop of many Toyota’s latest generation vehicle.  The new firmware made possible the programming of their engine control units in OBD and bench modes. The new solution supports virtual reading or real read, model by model this eventuality is recognize through