Another Impressive Update

Expanded AI Solution Lineup Get ready for another impressive upgrade! We’re rolling out AI Solutions for the highly anticipated Bosch MED17.5 and MED9.1, spanning the entire VAG family, along with Siemens/Continental SIMOS19.3 and SIMOS19.7s.Let’s dive into what’s new.
Version of Flex out now New Flex update released to program MSE6.0 and US6.0 ECUs in OBD, and to work on MSE8.0 engine units in Bench. With this new version (, Magicmotorsport expands its range of supported vehicles, introducing over 40 new models of motorcycles, including Benelli and CF Moto. Both protocols allow you

New StageX Update Out Now

New DTCs, New Freebies The latest StageX update introduces new DTC Removal algorithms – including Delco E78 – and brings back enhanced support for agricultural machinery equipped with Bosch EDC17CV52 ECUs. Plus, we’re throwing in a freebie: AL552 TorqueUnlock for all StageXers Plus!Here’s what’s new this week.

Dynomag Hub wins the Red Dot Award

One of the main design competitions in the world Dynomag Hub – the car dyno signed Magicmotorsport – is among the winners of the Red Dot Award 2024 in the Industrial Equipment, Machinery and Automation category (subcategory: Testing technology). This is one of the most important international design competitions: once every year since 1955, an
Mastering game-changing solutions

Mastering game-changing solutions

Tuning as you have never experienced it We’re thrilled to unveil another game–changing update to our AI Tuning suite! Mastering game-changing solutions and spotlighting Bosch MD1 & MG1 for the entire VAG group and Siemens/Continental SIMOS18 ECUs also for Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda & Volkswagen petrol vehicles, this upgrade is set to revolutionize your tuning experience. Get ready for more precision, more power, and an unparalleled efficiency booster — it’s tuning, but not as you know it!
Version of Flex out now Carry out your chiptuning and repair operations on Inverter modules (INVCON2.1) as well as on BMS modules installed on Porsche vehicles with hybrid engines: Porsche Cayenne S (958) 3.0L 422PS and Porsche Panamera (971) 3.0L 461PS. Download the latest update, version, follow the connection manual that you can