MAGICMOTORSPORT’s main objective is to support its customers. This approach is reflected in all aspects of our operations and is fundamental in order to provide the highest quality of service. Above all, it means that we are working tirelessly to eliminate potential sources of problems before they become an issue to our clients.

Why choose us?

For every user there is only one fee for all registered modules. You can use the main functions of your tool even if your subscription has expired. Once your subscription expires, it can be renewed ( even after years ) without any additional fines other than the cost of the unpaid subscriptions + VAT

Magicmotorsport Helpdesk provides additional services for racing purposes: power MOD Stage 1 & 2, economy MOD, DPF-OFF, EGR-OFF, Immo-OFF, ECU reconfiguration. You can also clone engine and gearbox unit controllers.

The language barrier does not exist. Our team is ready to help you in English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, French, German and Czech.

Our technicians are ready to help you whenever necessary. You can contact us by phone, Ticket system or online chat. We are also ready to help you resolve technical issues which have not been caused by our tool for example diagnostic or engine electronics problems.

Magicmotorsport Helpdesk provides access to a knowledge base full of resources such as user manuals, tech courses, training videos, trouble-shooters and "How tos" as well as a database of original ECU contents.

our working processin 3 steps

planning & strategy

We start new development projects based on market trends and customers’ "wish lists"

design & development

Our R&D Team, with the aid of the graphics,, develops the requested product or solution, under the supervision of the Project Manager

tests & delivery

After several tests performed by our Technical Staff and Beta testers, we release new products or services.


As always, MAGICMOTORSPORT strives to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Through our continuous improvement process we not only comply with standards but we also enhance them.

The attainment of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certifications establishes our fulfillment of the requirements for a quality management system that allows us to offer our customers the highest standards possible in terms of quality, IT security and respect for privacy.


Audits are exercised in accordance with the laws in force by a company registered in the Register of Statutory Auditors at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The mandate for the statutory audit has been conferred to KPMG S.p.A. for the three-year period running from 2020 to 2022 by the Shareholders' Meeting that took place on 30/07/2020.

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During the year, the Audit Firm has the task of verifying:

• the consistent maintenance of company accounts and the correct reporting of movements in the accounting records;

• that the financial statements correspond to both the results of the accounting records and the subsequent periodical monitoring of the same that all comply with the laws in force.

During the execution of these activities, the Audit Firm will have access to information in the form of printed records and IT data as well as to the archives and assets of the Company and of the Companies of the Group.

EAC Certification - certificate of conformity for Eurasia

Magicmotorsport has obtained an EAC Declaration of Conformity on our FLEX product line that can now be imported into Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

As of March 2015, the EAC certification of Eurasian conformity is mandatory for the import and approbation of products in the Eurasian customs union and so, issuance of this certification guarantees that the products meet the regulations and standards for customs clearance and trade in the area of the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union).

The EAC declaration therefore assures the end user has purchased a product that complies with the safety standards valid in Eurasia.

European Regional Development Fund

Within the scope of the European Action Plan to Sustainable Investments 4.0 - Ministerial Decree of February 10th 2022, Magicmotorsport srl benefited from subsidies of the PON SIL project - that is, the Local Entrepreneurial Development project (PON) 2000-2006 with a contribution for the expansion of the production center, including the creation of a new dedicated building and the purchase of qualifying technologies such as Additive manufacturing and Advanced manufacturing solutions.


The Code of Ethics sets out Magicmotorsport's ethical guidelines and best practices to follow for honesty, integrity, and professionalism. It applies to all company stakeholders, without exception, as well as all those who work to pursue its objectives. Magicmotorsport trusts that the recipients will always act in line with the values and principles of the Code; behaviours contrary to what expressed are not justified in any case.