Dynomag Hub - Redefine the Future

A brand new concept of car dyno: forget stands, ramps, and restraint devices. Dynomag Hub can be used in any kind of workshops, ensuring extremely accurate and repeatable measurements. In 15 minutes you can discover your vehicle's performances in horsepower and torque, after a fast and intuitive setup.


It can be installed in any workshop. In addition to taking up very little space, it only takes one single person to move the components of the bench, which can be stored after its use.


The direct coupling with the wheel hub increases precision and repeatability of each test. The absence of rollers and wheels - that can act as variables - optimizes the calibration and improves the quality of the results.


The Hubs are connected directly to the vehicle, thus eliminating the risk of uncoupling, losing tire parts or throwing lead wheel weights.

Made in Italy

Dynomag Hub is fully designed, engineered, tested, and assembled in Italy, drawing on the knowledge of Magicmotorsport's team of experts.

Quick installation

No digging to place the dyno, no need to call a team of experts blocking your workshop for days. After connecting it to a power supply, you just need to follow the steps explained in the instruction cards (included).

5 Star support

Our Customer Care is ready to closely follow all your requests. Multichannel approach, multilingual service, and more than 300 hours per month of assistance!

Solid and made to last

The meticulous combination of electronic, technical and structural components has been perfected to provide mechatronic workshops with a hub that is made to last over time.

The movement system, with teflon wheels, makes it handy and easy to place in any environment.

Its jointed axle deserves to be mentioned: it ensures perfectly stable couplings.

A dedicated control station

From setup to results reading, all the operations are managed via a dedicated totem.

The modern and intuitive software stores a database of all the vehicles tested, it starts Sweep Test, Constant RPM/Speed Test, and allows the operator to accurately analyze the results, comparing different files.

The totem is ready for both 2WD and 4WD configurations.

A scalable system

The configuration flexibility starts from the totem, built to be 100% compatible with both 2WD and 4WD systems.

Going from two wheel drive to four wheel drive is easy and fast, both in connecting the components and in setting them up, just a few clicks and it's all done!

Give a new life to your workshop

Test, analyze and then store it away! No structural boundaries, Dynomag Hub adapts to your workshop and does not imply dedicated permanent structures.

Measurements collected are always precise and repeatable, without the need to recalibrate the tool, you just need to add some data of the vehicle you want to test.

Red Dot Product Design Winner 2024

The Red Dot Award: Product Design celebrates the best products of the year, with a specific focus on design.

These products not only have to be aesthetically captivating, but they also need to comply with criteria regarding functionality, intuitiveness and innovation.

The Red Dot Award highlights the best of the best in the world of design, underlining the importance of a thought-out design in all aspects of life.

In the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024, Dynomag Hub singled out with the Red Dot award.

Dynomag Red Dot Award

Power in Motion

See Dynomag Hub in action: it's the first step to visualize this new concept of dyno inside a mechatronic workshop. Space, time, and priorities, it's up to you to define them, not the dyno.

Dynomag Hub in numbers

Dynomag Hub's specifications, all in a single tab. Discover how our Hub can add value to your workshop!

General power supply voltage: [VAC] Trifase: 400Vac
Totem weight: [Kg] 180
Max. Totem size: [mm] 1720 x 950 x 920
Max. Hub size: [mm] 1300 x 950 x 750
Wheels: Allow an easy tilting of the hub and facilitate its repositioning
Max. electric current: [A] 32
Max. braking torque: [Nm] 3200
Max. braking power: [CV/rpm] 800 / 2000 of the axle
Camber angles: +/- 8°
Max. axle load: [Kg] 3000
Hub weight: [Kg] 500 x 2
Max. electric current: [A] 64
Max. braking torque: [Nm] 6400
Max. braking power: [CV/rpm] 1600 / 2000 of the axle
Camber angles: +/- 8°
Max. axle load: [Kg] 3000
Hub weight: [Kg] 500 x 4

Starting from 33,890 €

Dynomag Hub is ready to ship and can be configured according to your professional needs. Just a few data and we will contact you with a tailor-made proposal.