OBD solution for 7G Tronic TCU and for GS19 on bench
Exclusive OBD solution for 7G Tronic TCU and for GS19 on bench Flex version is ready MAGICMOTORSPORT releases OBD exclusive solutions for Siemens VGS2-NAG2 and Continental VGS3-NAG2 transmission control units, used on 7G Tronic, a type of seven gear transmission used on Mercedes vehicles. New Bench protocol for 6 speed Bosch GS19 transmission control
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MAGPro2 TCU Manager Lifetime Use Authorization
MAGPro2 TCU Manager Lifetime Use Authorization Hurry! The MAGPro2 TCU can be yours forever! MAGICMOTORSPORT offers you the opportunity to continue using your MAGPro2 TCU Manager MASTER even after the completion date of the migration of its protocols to FLEX which has been set for April 29, 2020. To be eligible to purchase the MAGPro2
It’s business as usual at MAGICMOTORSPORT Tech Support and product delivery is guaranteed It’s just another day at work here at MAGICMOTORSPORT! Services and shipments will be carried out as usual: the company continues to guarantee technical assistance through the Customer Care department and the delivery of products to wherever the buyer desires. MAGICMOTORSPORT has storage

PSG16 Bench exclusive

PSG16 Bench exclusive. Ready version of Flex MAGICMOTORSPORT releases new solutions to program in Bench mode Continental Simos PCR2.1 ECUs used on VAG vehicles and for Bosch PSG16 ECUs mounted on General Motors. The latter is a type of control unit directly installed on the injection pump, thus is very useful to be able to