Thank you

Dear customer,

MAGICMOTORSPORT wishes you a Happy New Year. 2014 was truly satisfying for our company, a year full of achievements and new milestones. We drove 23.517 km just for you, through several countries, organizing training courses and participating in fairs all over Europe, showing people from 38 different countries our products and services during our presentations around the world.

With our tools, you have been the first to reprogram VAG Simos PCR2.1, EDC17C64, BMW Fxx series just to name a few…

But MAGICMOTORSPORT did not stop there

to be the first ones to reprogram anything is meaningless if the process is complicated or risky.

That is why we continued to develop and improve our products, striving to succeed in unlocking EDC17C46, EDC17C6, EDC17C54, EDC17C44, EDC17CP14, etc. totally by OBD.
Aside from this, our goal is not only to find solutions to reprogram ECUs or TCUs but to aid our customers in every step of their job. This is why we have enhanced our Support system, with additional pin-out manuals, video-tutorials, forums & ‘how to’s and have improved our Ticket and chat system.

Our satisfaction, confirmed by the positive feedback sent to our staff, has inspired us to provide even more services, which use new technologies that are expanding very fast on in this market.

But the MAGICMOTORSPORT Team only has a partial credit in this outcome: the majority of this endless and constantly-evolving work has been done by you, our business-partners. We have gotten this far only thanks to your constant support.

We are always happy to work alongside you and we take great pleasure in seeing your companies grow larger as time passes.

One last thing: “Who does not work does not miss” – we are deeply concerned about our errors during our development and we are working hard to fix them and to prevent anything similiar in the future. This is why we always thank all of you for every kind of feedback you give us (whether this is positive or negative), because it makes us improve our products more and more.

In 2015 we will reach even more of you throughout all the world, and we will work even harder to help you improve your business.

Thank you.

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