MAGPro2 X17 ver. 8.7.0 released

MAGPro2 X17 ver 8.7.0 released

-added protocol VAG EDC17C64 OBD VR/W/CHK/UNLOCK* (works on all MY2012-2014)
-added protocol TOYOTA EDC17CP37 BL R/W/CHK
-added protocol FORD SID208 OBD W/CHK/BL UNLOCK
-added protocol Land Rover SID208 OBD W/CHK/BL UNLOCK
-added protocol FORD SID807EVO OBD W/CHK/BL UNLOCK
-added protocol MAZDA SID807 BL R/W/CHK/PASS
-added protocol NISSAN SID305 BL R/W/CHK
-added protocol SAAB 9-5 PSG16 BENCH R/W/CHK
-added protocol VAG MED17.5 OBD UDS R/W/CHK
-added protocol VAG MED17.1 OBD UDS R/W/CHK

New automated Services available on MMS Helpdesk:

-TPROT OFF CONTINENTAL SID208 & SID807 – prepares the ECU to OBD write
-VAG IROM fix – fixes ECUs locked by OBD writing MOD to TPROT>=5 without TPROT OFF
-VAG EEPROM fix – repairs EEPROM content if the OBD write fails (it can be used to restore ECUs locked by any tool).
-Flash counter reset – resets flash counter in VAG MEDC17 EEPROM

Vehicles & protocols added:

UNLOCK* – the ECU must be sent to a MMS Service Point for Unlock. Details on the MMS Helpdesk in Service Request – >EDC17C64 UNLOCK section.


You can check the entire list of vehicles supported by MAGPro2 X17 and the services provided by the MMS Heldpesk  here.

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