StageX Training in Unna, Germany


Salvatore Bosco
+49 172 3055003


Unna, Germany
Moto Technik UG Am Budberg 1, 59425, Unna, Germania


Oct 10 2020 - Oct 11 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


899,00 EUR

StageX Training in Unna, Germany

MAGICMOTORSPORT and EXX Racing present a basic training mapping course (level 1) for diesel and petrol vehicles. Two days of training fully dedicated to the operation of FLEX and StageX, the most intelligent software for vehicle recalibration!


  • Software management of anti-pollution systems – introduction

EGR & particulate filters: development of a calibration strategy for the maintenance of anti-pollution systems and their disabling for racing purposes; the Switch off for the equipment substitution and the emulation of the particulate filters.

  • Data processing methods (tabular)

Analysis of the main tables with an explanation of simple methods for the processing of the identified areas.

  • Torque monitoring and torque request (level A);
  • Driver’s wish: the driver’s torque request;
  • Torque conversion in injected fuel quantity;
  • Limitations of torque & injected fuel quantity;
  • Injection monitoring and injection timing (level A);
  • Injection times, Rail pressure and advanced injection timing (level A);
  • Turbo pressure & limitations;
  • Air Fuel Ratio control system
  • Calibration examples

Analysis and comparison of stage 1 calibration software for Bosch EDC16 & EDC17 engine control units;

  • Verification of data integrity for software programming
  • Tips on the checksum and the parity bits
  • Tips on the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).
  • Presentation of StageX, the MAGICMOTORSPORT mapping software.

This course will be held in German. The registration is € 899 and the maximum number of participants is set to 10.
A Recognized Certification will be released to all participants.

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