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Partinico, Italy
MAGICMOTORSPORT S.R.L, C.DA Margi Soprano snc, Zona Artigianale, Partinico, PA, Italia


Jun 29 2024


9:00 am - 2:00 pm



Key reconstruction on car and motorcycle ignition lock cylinders

Intensive practice and training course

Magicmotorsport, in partnership with Siltronic, is organizing a training course dedicated to key reconstruction on car and motorcycle ignition lock cylinders and on how to use development equipment.
This course will be divided into two sections: theory and practice, when attendees will have the chance to reconstruct a key from scratch.

Program summary:

Description of the necessary equipment to work on the cylinder:

  • pinning tweezers
  • key files
  • drill press
  • magnifying glass
  • organizer

Brief overview on car/motorcycle keys and respective locks

  • Key technologies can be split into two categories: traced and double-sided. During the training course, it will be explained how to make a vehicle key starting from its cylinder.

Cylinder disassembly with parameter measurements

  • Extraction of the cylinder from its lock, disassembly and key parameter reading

Use of the organizer and parameter setting to create the keys

  • Entering key parameters manually in the key-cutting machine
  • Development of the key starting from partial encryptions


Motorcycle cylinder session

  • Presentation of lock type, disassembly, cylinder extraction
  • Key reconstruction from scratch

Manual reconstruction (using specific files) of the key in case of a missing card

  • In the absence of a dedicated card on the cutting machine, for imported vehicles, or sudden failure of the card, it will be explained how to reconstruct the key starting from the cylinder using appropriate files.

Practical tests for both code reconstruction and manual reconstruction

  • Each attendee will perform practical tests, reconstructing keys from scratch both on Futura Auto and manually.


PLEASE NOTE: this training course will be held in Italian only

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