Auto Vega Motorsport


Auto Vega Motorsport


Aug 03 - 06 2018


10:00 am - 6:00 pm



Complete Mechatronics Training – Algeria, Africa

Get ready for a new set of course dates from MAGICMOTORSPORT in collaboration with Auto Vega Motorsport in Algiers.

Join our distributor, for a set of Complete Mechatronics Training sessions that will give you a complete overview of the products and services offered by the MAGICMOTORSPORT MAGPro2 line.

He will be demonstrating solutions suitable to you and your workshop, giving you the chance to acquire more knowledge about the workings of ECUs and TCUs.

Base Programming Course

  • Introduction to the ECU
  • Types of memories and processors mounted on ECUs and TCUs
  • Boot Tricore, Tuning Protected (TPROT)
  • Hardware connections (Helpdesk search), service files
  • Programming on the Bench
  • TPROT identification, password reading and storage
  • ECU pairing
  • The Helpdesk and online services (MOD, EGR off, DPF off, IMMO off)
  • Accessories for bench programming (bench, connectors and adaptors)
  • Bench connections and Breakbox function
  • Bench testing with the entire range of MAGPro2 tools in different modes: OBD, BDM, Bootloader, transmission control unit reading and writing, pairing, unlock, antituning, simulations of lock during programming.
  • Questions and Answers

Base Mapping Course

  • Structure of an ECU
  • Hardware structure of an ECU, sensors and activators
  • Overview of the memories used in an ECU
  • Notions on the most common microcontrollers
  • Structure of the binary file manager (map)
  • Binary numbering, byte checksum of a file
  • Technical information on files read by an ECU
  • Structure of an EDC map and IQ function, Pedal Map, limiters, turbo, EGR etc.
  • Tabular and graphical illustration
  • Notions on file encoding
  • Proprieties of a binary file
  • TPROT identification
  • Explanation of map functions (tabular)
  • Map examples
  • Question and Answers

This course is available in French. Limited attendance.