Base Mapping Course


Florence, Italy
Via Barberinese, 50013, Campi Bisenzio, FI, Italia


Jul 07 2018


9:30 am - 6:30 pm



Base Mapping Course, Florence, Italy

MAGICMOTORSPORT, in collaboration with VegaWorks S.r.l., has organized a Base Mapping Course for the mapping of engine control units. The program includes the analysis of the ECU calibration software (EDC16 / EDC17, Siemens, etc. …) in common rail diesel engines and in the graphic recognition of the tables through Winols (two-dimensional, one-dimensional, single value and two-dimensional inverse) displayed during the export operation that is necessary for the manipulation of the calibration targets.

Base Mapping Course – Program:

• Software management of anti-pollution systems – introduction

EGR & particulate filters: development of a calibration strategy for the maintenance of anti-pollution systems and their disabling for racing purposes; the Switch off for the equipment substitution and the emulation of the particulate filters.

• Data processing methods (tabular)

Analysis of the main tables with an explanation of simple methods for the processing of the identified areas.

• Torque monitoring and torque request (level A);
• Driver’s wish: the driver’s torque request;
• Torque conversion in injected fuel quantity;
• Limitations of torque & injected fuel quantity;
• Injection monitoring and injection timing (level A);
• Injection times, Rail pressure and advanced injection timing (level A);
• Turbo pressure & limitations;
• Air Fuel Ratio control system

Calibration examples

Analysis and comparison of stage 1 calibration software for Bosch EDC16 & EDC17 engine control units;
• Verification of data integrity for software programming
• Tips on the checksum and the parity bits
• Tips on the Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).

This course is available in Italian. Note that attendance is limited to 15 participants.