Dear Customer, the time has arrived for you to upgrade your x17 MAGPro2 MASTER tool to FLEX! Click here for more details: https://mms.care/panel/tickets/new?root_id=148 The upgrade cost from your current MAGPro2 X17 kit to FLEX has been reduced from its full price to € 195.00 + VAT + shipping fees. Our loyal DC01 customers will receive

Flex v2.00.00 released

Please note you will need last version of one of the following browsers to run Flex: Google Chrome (recommended) Mozilla Firefox Microsoft Edge The following browser will have incompatibility with our software and should never be used to work on a control unit: Internet Explorer (any version) Once installed, just launch Flex.exe, then connect Flex

FLEX: released Bench BOSCH MEDC17

FLEX: released Bench BOSCH MEDC17… we’re off to a great start!   To work on most BOSCH MEDC17 engine control units in Bootloader mode, it is necessary to open the ECU, connect to the PCB, then reseal and close the unit again. All this is very time consuming but now FLEX offers you the perfect

Répos pour la Toussaint

Le 1er novembre, les offices de MAGICMOTORSPORT et du support technique observeront la Toussaint, un jour férié national. Notre département administratif sera également fermé le 2 novembre, mais notre support technique reste fidèle pour vous aider, comme toujours. Le travail reprendra le lundi 5 novembre.