MAGICMOTORSPORT te donne de l’energie…et elle t’aide à la maintenir! Découvre toutes les nouveautés. MAGICMOTORSPORT lance Flash Mem dans les versions 50, 60 et 100A, qui maintient la charge pour le batteries de voiture. Ne sois pas surpris! Complete en toute sécurité les programmations sur les véhicule, acquiers Flash Mem, il s’adapte parféctement – et
The MAGICMOTORSPORT and Xhorse innovation meets automotive experts. The MMS Team is on its way to Calabria to present the MAGPro2 and VVDI line of products. On May 19th, we have booked a new technical-theoretical training to strengthen your knowledge and skills in the fields of ECU, TCU and key programming. Participate in the theoretical

MAGPro2 X17 ver 12.06.00 released

We are releasing ver 12.06.00 of MAGPro2 X17: this update, aside several software improvements, focuses on two important brands, for which we added exclusive new protocols: 1. Volvo, for which we added support both for tractors (with Kubota engine) and, most importantly, all 2.0 engines from 2014 to 2017 using Denso ECUs with processor SH72546R!
Boost your business with MAGICMOTORSPORT and Xhorse The MMS Team will soon be in the “Boot” of Italy to present the MAGPro2 and VVDI line of products. Do not miss this opportunity to participate in this theoretical workshop organized for professionals and enthusiasts of the sector on May 17th. A full day of technical-theoretical training