Padova, ITALY
Via S. Marco, 47, 35129 Padova, PD, Italia


Jun 30 2018


9:15 am - 5:30 pm



MAGICMOTORSPORT / VVDI Theoretical Course – Padova, Italy

Find Innovation at a MAGICMOTORSPORT and Xhorse Theoretical Course in Padova

The MMS Team will be holding a Theoretical Course designed for professionals and enthusiasts of the sector who wish to enhance their skills in the use of the MAGPro2 and VVDI line of products.

The program includes a full day of technical-theoretical training that aims at completely revolutionizing the workload of the mechatronics involved. The first half of the training will be dedicated to MAGICMOTORSPORT products and services. The rest of the day will be dedicated to the use of Xhorse products.


MAGPro2 Line Presentation

  • Presentation of MAGICMOTORSPORT
  • Notions on the structure of an ECU
  • MAGPro2 Line of programmers
  • Methods of programming ECUs with MMS tools
  • OBD in the vehicle and on the bench
  • BDM
  • Bootloader
  • Introduction to the Helpdesk and the use of MMS services
  • Techniques of opening an ECU (Helpdesk)
  • Use of MAGICMOTORSPORT Software
  • Overview of the MAGICMOTORSPORT programming kits

Presentation of the VVDI Tool

  • XHORSE product presentation
  • Notions on the structure of EZS, ESL and KEY
  • General notions on programmers and XHORSE products
  • EZS programming method using VVDI MB
  • EZS BGA programming method (all keys lost)
  • EZS BGA programming method (at least one working key)
  • Reading and writing in BDM of EZS with Motorola processors
  • Programming via IR
  • Use of the VVDI software
  • EZS, ESL and KEY testing techniques


This course is available in Italian and is offered to you at a nominal fee. Attendance is limited to 25 participants.