A time saving device for automotive workshops

ECU Mask is a simple tool that allows fast and safe bench connections on the most common ECUs on the market. Its concept is simple, just select the color coded masks suitable to the ECU you wish to connect to and slide them into place in the master ECU template and then fit the ECU Mask into place on the ECU connector. The correct pin connection will be exposed through the color coded masks so all you have left to do is match up your colored cables and you'll connect to your ECU safely in no time at all!

Cut bench connection times in half

Get pin connections right every time

The color coded masks and master template ensure foolproof connections every single time.

Forget about counting tiny ECU pins

Identify your ECU, choose the corresponding color coded mask and connect the wires via the indicated holes.

Color coded masks for intuitive use

Slide the plates into place, install the ECU MASK on the ECU connector and you'll only see the right connection pins.

Work safely on more than 100 supported ECUs

The combination of masks and small plates allows you to connect to several ECUs in just a few seconds.

How does ECU Mask work?

how to use ECU Mask


Identify the ECU that you wish to connect to the programmer. Use the official ECU name of the unit you are working with to check the ECU MASK vehicle list to see if it is supported by the product.

ECU Mask connection


Choose the masks suitable for the ECU you wish to connect to and slide them into place in the Master ECU template and fit the ECU MASK into place on the ECU.

connection manual


All you have to do now is connect the FLEX wiring harness to the pin adapters and then connect the cable color indicated on the ECU Mask to the indicated position on the ECU.

ECU mask pin connection


Now you are ready to identify the ECU through the software, it's simple, efficient and fast!

Effortless connections, why use ECU Mask?

Most of the time the simplest solution is also the best, ECU Mask is the conclusive solution to this time consuming problem for automotive workshops that allows the user to find the pin connection of the ECU with no hassle and without the risk of ECU error and losing precious time.

Anyone can learn

Manage ECU Connections

Cut your workload in half

Eliminate ECU burnouts

Look what is ECU Mask

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All the answers to your questions

More than 100 ECUs are supported, Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Marelli.

Follow the steps described or go to the web app by scanning the QR code inside the box.

Follow the steps described or go to the web app by scanning the QR code inside the box.

Reduced connection time and pin connection highlighting.

ECU MASK is available on our online store or through our distributor network.

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