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MAGICMOTORSPORT will be holding a training course in Casavatore in the province of Naples, from April 5th to April 6th, for anyone who wishes to strengthen their knowledge in the ​​programming and chiptuning field. The course will be divided into two days and you can choose to either participate in both training days, or just one of the two.

The first day (April 5th), will focus on the programming and reconditioning of keys. We’ll show you how to use coding tools through the use of MBE products, a company for whom we are official dealers in Italy.

Here is the program for the first day:

First part:

  • Motorola Processors vs. NEC Processors
  • What is a Greenkey file?
  • What is a password file?
  • What is a full backup?
  • How to create a full backup
  • All Keys Lost: online calculation of keys
  • What is JTAG mode
  • How to read a microprocessor on the bench
  • IR Read
  • Lunch break

Second part:

  • Practice: preparing a key on a Motorola EZS (with one working key)
  • Practice: preparing a key on a Motorola EZS (ALL KEYS LOST)
  • Practice: preparing a key on a NEC EZS (with one working key)
  • Practice: preparing a key on a NEC EZS (ALL KEYS LOST)
  • Troubleshooting methods and procedures to restart the vehicle
  • Testing a key (using TEST key & MB Tester)
  • EZS Virginizing
  • EZS Cloning
  • ESL Virginizing
  • ESL Emulating
  • ESL Cloning
  • ESL Unlock
  • Turbodecoders: An overview
  • Questions & Answers

Total price: € 300,00 + VAT
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The second day (April 6th), will give its participants a full immersion into the fields of programming and engine control unit cloning. In the morning, our technical staff will explain the different methods of programming and the architecture of an ECU and everything necessary to work in the mechatronic sector. In the afternoon, it will be possible to put the knowledge that has been gained into practice and test the functions of programming and cloning with our line of MAGPro2 products first hand.

Here’s the program:

First part:

  • Presentation of MAGICMOTORSPORT
  • Introduction to the Engine Control Unit (ECU)
  • Architecture of an ECU
  • Types of memories and processors
  • Methods of OBD programming, Bootloader, BDM and JTAG
  • Contents of the File and OTP areas
  • Tuning Protection (TPROT)
  • Lunch break

Second part:

  • Practice tests with bench connection
  • Use the HelpDesk services
  • TPROT reading and identification
  • Reconditioning
  • Use of MAGPro2 accessories

Total price: € 200.00 + VAT
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