Clear DTCs in zero time!

Hi StageXer, only a few weeks left before unravel the biggest StageX update so far! Warm up the engines and keep on following!

Therefore, before we'll drop it out, we've got for you yet another batch of DTC Removal algorithms for BMW MEVD17.2.x ECU. This time we're talking about MEVD17.6, MEVD17.2.8, MEVD17.2.9, MEVD17.2.G and MEVD17.2.H.

From now on, thanks to this update, the whole MEVD17.2 ECUs family is covered and so, paired with our precise Mappacks, each StageXer will be able to complete modification from the beginning to the end in the fastest - yet still precise - possible way.

Don't forget that on this new ECUs - like a lot of other supported control units - you are able to check what's inside our mappacks directly on ECUlist.stagex.ai

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