Flex is now reality

The best ally for each professional tuner, to always have every single parameter of the vehicle under control during modifying operations: Flex V2 enables the Datalogger for full customers starting from version Flex V2 definitive version for each Flex user and not only. Datalogger in Beta is now available for customer with Full Flex pack.

Flex V2

Completely redesigned graphic interface

Windows desktop App

From now on, you'll be able to add the Flex V2 app to your Windows taskbar, just open Flex setting to enable and disable this switch.

You can return to view your software on the browser at any time, simply by returning the configuration to its original state.

The desktop application improves the overall experience. Remember that, an internet connection is required to work with Flex.


In addition, it also comes the dark mode for your Flex software, this allows clear text display even with less bright screens and helps reduce battery consumption of laptops and other mobile device.

To enable the mode just open the settings of your Flex application and enable the dark-mode switch.

New dashboard

Even more user friendly and intuitive. The software home page has been reengineered to give access to all the most needed information in the easiest way.

Furthermore, the new page look makes better the user experience, even on the smaller screen of the portable device such as tablet.

Optimized for use on Windows touch devices, making key options easily accessible and visible also in sunlight.

Datalogger Plus

The best ally for each professional tuner

Configure your Datalogger

Check the compatibility on the vehicle list so select the needed vehicle. Connect the OBDII cable (FLX2.10) and go through the steps of the checklist to carry out a perfect test.

Choose the most suitable sensors and values for your analysis, configure their display and jump on the car to make your record.

Choose the most suitable parameters

The right amount of parameters that could be analyzed depends on the selected model of vehicle, ranging between 50 and 2000 switchable sensors.

To minimize configuration times of the most suitable sensors, the software automatically groups the most commonly used parameters in default mode. This significantly saves the user's time and guarantees an intuitive and fast search.

Each sensor can be displayed in 5 different modes: graph, numerical value, linear gauge, large gauge and small gauge.

Data sampling up to 50Hz in Plus mode

The Plus version allows you to record with sampling up to 50Hz.

It is possible to share and view your data from any device, when connected to the ECUs, witch adapts automatically on the base of the number of sensors selected by the user.

This is to offer maximum efficiency in all conditions and with a sampling rate of up to 20ms.

Share and view data directly from the online panel

Use the online chart to view and analyze the recording once the test is finished.

Share measurements with other users at any time. By clicking on the share button the share link will be generated.

The online chart is compatible with any kind of desktop and portable device.