MAGPro2 X17 update released: Revision 8.6.0

MAGPro2 X17 ver 8.6.0 relased

-Added protocol BMW ME9.2 M&S OBD R/W/CHK
-Added protocol FORD MED17.2 Ecoboost TPROT12 BL R/W/CHK & PASS READ
-Added protocol FORD MED17.2 TPROT12 OBD R/W/CHK/TPROTOFF (directly by OBD, no need to open ECU)
-Added protocol FORD EDC16C34 OBD R/W/CHK/RSA_PATCH
-Added protocol Mercedes SIM266 OBD VR/W/CHK

-Added protocol PSA EDC16C34 OBD R/W/CHK
-Added protocol Renault DCM1.2 OBD R/W/CHK
-Added protocol Nissan/Renault DCM3.4 OBD R/W/CHK
-Added protocol VAG MED17.5.5 TP2.0 OBD R/W/CHK
-BMW EDC17C09 -CRC error fixed
-BMW EDC17C41 -CRC error fixed
-FORD Continental EMS2211 – IROM CRC bug fixed
-SID807 – IROM CRC bug fixed
-TC17xx bootloader protocols – write speed improvment (approx 500% better!)
-TC17xx bootloader protocols – added RECOVERY function
-VW Crafter EDC16CP34 – compatibility improvment
-VAG MED17.1 TP2.0 OBD write error fixed
-VAG DL501 – bug fixed
-VAG DQ500 – bug fixed
-VAG EDC17 OBD protocols – improved IROM/XROM recognition 

Vehicles added:

You can check whole list of vehicles supported by MAGPro2 X17 here

You can check full list of services here