MAGPro2 X17 and T-BOOT ver 9.7.0 released

Protocols added:

  • Mercedes EDC17CP46 TPROT8-10 BL R/W/CHK/PASS READING -pass reading available by MAGP1.18 plugin
  • Mercedes MED17.7.2 TPROT8-10 BL R/W/CHK/PASS READING – pass reading available by MAGP1.18 plugin



  • detailed DTC list with tips in case of communication errors added.
  • Bosch KWP section detect fixed
  • FIAT EDC16C39 CAN protocol flash erase problem fixed

You can check the complete list of vehicles supported by MAGPro2 X17, MAGPro2 T-BOOT and services provided by the MMS Helpdesk here.