complete standalone OBD solution for BMW & Mini Fxx series

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BMW Fxx OBD Flasher

A complete standalone OBD solution for BMW & Mini Fxx series vehicles.

This unique tool eliminates the need of the removal of the ECU from the vehicle as well as the execution of TPROT OFF in BSL before proceeding to work in OBD mode. 


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Product description

1. Supported vehicle models

BMW: F01, F02, F06, F07, F10, F11, F15, F16, F18, F25, F26, F30, F31, F32, F34, F36, F80, F85, F86 Mini: F55, F56, F57

2. Supported engine models

BMW: N13, N20, B47, N47, N55, S55, N57, N63TU, S63TU (excludes only: B48 and B58)

3. Minimum requirements

PC requirements:

MCU: Dual Core i3
OS: MS Windows 7,8 or 10 x32/x64
Ports: 1 x USB2.0 port, 1 x RJ45 Ethernet port
Network: mandatory internet connection (the IP address of the PC must be assigned by the DHCP server)

Vehicle requirements:
Battery recharger required min. 50A

Complete OBD solution

By means of this tool and an internet connection, it is now possible to VREAD and WRITE the calibration zone of the ECU directly through the OBD socket of almost every BMW & Mini Fxx series vehicle.

Range of services

This device allows you to perform modifications such as: chiptuning, catalytic converter removal, DPF Switch, EGR Switch and Speed Limiter to name a few.

Back to stock

Vehicle warranty violations are no longer an issue. You can restore your ECU to factory settings at any time by simply rewriting the ORI file.

Open file format

This solution offers you access to the files in binary format, so any tuner can prepare modifications with any edition of map editing software. No checksum correction is necessary.

Hidden tuning

An optional CVN Fix solution is available. After using it, you can safely pay a visit to the dealer without warranty void issues.

Professional Support

Our professional Tech Support Team always aims to exceed your expectations. They have the important task of resolving customer issues in a friendly and professional manner in the most efficient way possible.

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How it work?

+16k vehicle models supported

If you need coverage of not just BMW & Mini Fxx but also other brands of engine and gearbox controllers, please check out our special offer for our flagship product: MAGPro2 X17 tool.

Choose the tool that is most suited to you

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BMW Fxx OBD Flasher

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Quick F.A.Q. guide

Yes, you can write your MOD file without previously removing the ECU. In the end, this will save you time and money considering the risk of unexpected ECU HW damage that is common in work in BSL mode.

A standard laptop equipped with DualCore i3, 4GB RAM, Windows 8-10, one free RJ45 Ethernet port and one USB port is enough.

Yes, an internet connection is obligatory, most file operations are done on the server side. Please remember that the IP address of your PC must be dynamic and set by a DHCP server (it cannot be set to static IP).

YES. BMW vehicles absorb up to 80A when the ignition is ON. To work safely, it's strongly recommended to use a profesional battery charger the supplies at least a 50A continuous current.

We have almost all updated versions of ECU SW for the supported vehicles. The only case in which the ORI is missing, is in the case of the older vehicles (2010-2012) that have never been updated in the BMW Service. In this case you should perform a car software update in the BMW Service or by ISTA/P and all will work fine.

No. This is a tool for professional tuners. You can use it on as many vehicles as you need.

No. This is a standalone tool. We are offering MAGPro2 X17 owners a BMW Fxx OBD cable to be used with MAGPro2 X17.

Prevent unexpected expenses

BMW & Mini engine controllers (especially MEVD17) can be damaged very easily during opening procedures for access in bootloader mode. The BMW Fxx OBD FLASHER will save you time and money and this scenario will become a distant memory in your workshop.

Time is money

Operations by OBD socket take approx. 12 min from the moment the mechatronic connects to the car until he finishes writing the MOD. Work in BSL mode on MEVD17.x takes more than 2 hours from the moment the ECU is removed from the car, opened, read and written on the bench and reinstalled into the vehicle. Ultimately, your Engine controller will still have signs of mechanical manipulations.

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