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MAGICMOTORSPORTTechnical Training WorkshopandSeminar Program

Technical training courses

MAGICMOTORSPORT has launched the Technical Training Workshop and Seminar Program so we can share our knowledge and expertise with our valued customers. Our courses are designed to give you a head start with the use of our tools so you can become familiar with their functions and performance.

The training is conducted by our highly qualified staff to guarantee that you receive the best possible learning experience and are exposed to people who are able to answer all the questions you may have. We accept a maximum of 15 participants per course so we are able to dedicate ourselves to everyone equally.

Through the duration of the course we demonstrate how the ECU works and what the possible parameters in modification are. Using our tools and software to optimize the ECU you can dramatically improve the vehicle’s fuel economy and dynamics. We show you how to obtain the best possible results while maintaining the safety of your vehicle.

After the initial seminar, you will then be guided by our technicians through the use of our MAGPro2 tools and software in a hands-on experience. You will be able to experiment with different bench tests with simulations of various problems and subsequent unlocking through the solution provided by our Helpdesk.

A certificate of participation will be issued to you at the conclusion of the course from MAGICMOTORSPORT to certify your new level of expertise. The training courses are available on both a scheduled and customized personal basis that can be tailored to suit your needs.

We also offer a private Master class for complete customized mapping functions, based on your specific requirements. However, we offer this class to customers who are already familiar with our base training course.

Confirmation of participation

Participation in the training is automatically confirmed after three working days from the issuance of the application.

Course date changing.

Should a participant wish to change his or her course date booking, they must send a request to our email address no later than four weeks before the training date agreed upon.

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Training Calendar

27.01.2018 MAGPro2 Line Presentation English and French Casablanca, Morocco Registration Form
28.01.2018 Base Programming Course English and French Casablanca, Morocco Registration Form


  • Improve your technical skills

  • Keep up to date with the latest MAGICMOTORSPORT releases

  • Operate the MAGPro2 tools first hand

  • Officially certify your improved skills


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  • Presentation of MAGICMOTORSPORT
  • Notions on the structure of an ECU
  • MAGPro2 Line of programmers
  • Programming methods of ECUs with the use of our tools
  • OBD in the vehicle and on the bench
  • BDM
  • Bootloader
  • Introduction to the Helpdesk and the use of our services
  • Techniques of opening an ECU (Helpdesk)
  • Use of the MAGICMOTORSPORT Software
  • Overview of MAGICMOTORSPORT products and useful programming accessories
  • Questions and Answers
  • Structure of an ECU
  • Hardware structure of an ECU, sensors and activators
  • Overview of the memories used in an ECU
  • Notions on the most common microcontrollers
  • Structure of the binary file manager (map)
  • Binary numbering, byte checksum of a file
  • Technical information on files read by an ECU
  • Structure of an EDC map and IQ function, Pedal Map, limiters, turbo, EGR etc.
  • Tabular and graphical illustration
  • Notions on file encoding
  • Proprieties of a binary file
  • TPROT identification
  • Explanation of map functions (tabular)
  • Map examples
  • Question and Answers
  • Introduction to the ECU
  • Types of memories and processors mounted on ECUs and TCUs
  • Boot Tricore, Tuning Protected (TPROT)
  • Hardware connections (Helpdesk search), service files
  • Programming on the Bench
  • TPROT identification, password reading and storage
  • ECU pairing
  • The Helpdesk and online services (MOD, EGR off, DPF off, IMMO off)
  • Accessories for bench programming (bench, connectors and adaptors)
  • Bench connections and Breakbox function
  • Bench testing with the entire range of MAGPro2 tools in different modes: OBD, BDM, Bootloader, transmission control unit reading and writing, pairing, unlock, antituning, simulations of lock during programming.
  • Questions and Answers