Starter – BGA + 204/207

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The Starter Kit offers great flexibility and possibilities to its users.

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This kit contains the newest generation of software in key programming for Mercedes Benz but also allows work on ELV (Electronic Steering Locks) and other components in Mercedes Benz vehicles (virginizing of gearboxes, ECUs etc.).

This kit was designed for users who just want to work on Mercedes Benz vehicles and do not want to solder. All the features are available with the use of a simple BGA connector.

The most important feature of this add-on is a function that easily allows password reading and key programming in vehicles with BGA keys:
The add key (at least one existing key), list below covers only BGA equipped vehicles. However, many more are covered:

  • W164 2009 +
  • W166,
  • W197
  • W212
  • W218
  • W246
  • W169
  • W209
  • W211
  • W172
  • W204
  • C207
  • W216
  • W221
  • W639 2009+

The all key lost, list below covers only BGA equipped vehicles. However, many more are covered:

  • W204
  • C207
  • W166
  • W197
  • W212
  • W218
  • W246

All calculations for BGA keys are done on-line and an internet connection is required; the software is pay-per-use. The kit includes 20 credits (20 password calculations).

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
MB Keyprog 2 EVO main adapter
IR Key Tools W204/W207
MB Magic Eraser + connection cable
204/207 adapter
204/207 Click ‘n Go
PCB adapter: DB9 main + 3 NEC PCB
USB cable
USB security dongle
DATA flash memory card
MB main OBD cable + OBD female power
BGA software
204/207 software
Sonderhash account
NEC Prog v. 12
IR Tools basic software
IR Tools EZS password reader
20 credits