MAGBench Positioning frame with adapters

650,00 +VAT

Professional tool for BDM and Tricore Bootloader programming.

BDM adapters, JTAG adapter and cable included.

Add new quality to your workshop.

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# SKU code Quantity Description
1 MAGP0.3.0 1 MAGBench metallic frame (hardware only)
2 MAGP0.3.13 1 New MAGBench main adapter
3 MAGP0.3.2 1 MAGBench MPC5xx Bosch adapter
4 MAGP0.3.3 1 MAGBench MPC5xx Delphi DCM adapter
5 MAGP0.3.4 1 MAGBench MPC5xx Delphi MOT adapter
6 MAGP0.3.5 1 MAGBench MPC5xx Siemens adapter
7 MAGP0.3.6 1 MAGBench MPC5xx Marelli adapter
8 MAGP0.3.7 1 MAGBench Tricore BOOT 1 pin
9 MAGP0.2.20 1 RED x3 faston wires for ECU power supply
10 MAGP0.2.21 1 BLACK x2 faston wires for ECU power supply
11 MAGP0.3.8 1 MAGBench – Tricore JTAG adapter
12 MAGP0.2.26 1 Tricore JTAG cable MAGP0.3.8

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