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Kit Breakbox v2

490,00 +VAT

Breakbox ver 2 interface with communication lines analyzing software.

Breakbox is a diagnostic tool designed to stand between the diagnosis/programming tool and the ECU. It supplies power and avoids short circuits or power overloads thanks to an automatic block system which analyzes the electrical connections and reacts before the device or the ECU can receive damage.

Breakbox can also be used as a CAN-BUS, K-LINE analyzer or as a multimeter. The interface has a USB hub which allows connection to a pc to check the electrical values of the connected lines.

Kit includes power supply, a coloured connection cable, a USB cable and a RJ45 cable.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
# SKU code Quantity Description
1 MAGP1.20 1 Breakbox v2 interface
2 MAGP1.21 1 power supply adapter 220v 4A
3 MAGP0.2.3 1 universal cable for Breakbox v2
4 MAGP0.5.8 1 Large FAST-ON adapters for Breakbox free coloured wires cable
5 MAGP0.2.16 1 USB 2.0 connection cable 1.8m
6 MAGP0.2.18 1 Connection cable: RJ45 to RJ45
7 MAGP0.5.15 1 Large Round FAST-ON Adapters for Breakbox Free Colored Wires Cable (set 6pz for TCU)
8 MAGP0.5.16 1 Large FAST-ON Adapters for Breakbox Free Colored Wires Cable (set 6pz for TCU)


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