Flex TCU SW Package

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Using Flex with FLS0.2 software package you’ll be able to fully satisfy needs of any type of customer, providing full pairing of the data from the original source to the used TCU for eco-friendly service.

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Flex for TCU is a tool designed to reprogram and pair the most -state -of- the -art automatic gearbox. It is essential for professional mechatronics as well as for amateurs. The tool is also suitable for racing use as ECU remapping also requires TCU remapping in order to supply correctly balanced power.

The Flex TCU SW Package allow full read and full write of the TCU, including each of the memories stored inside the transmission control unit without any encryption. It just doesn’t require to open the control unit, while allowing exactly the same functions as a regular boot mode. Tuning, align, bypassing security and restoring backup are no issue at all. The different is the fact that files are non encrypted and that the speed has been generally been improved. Furthermore, you do not need to make any ignition switch, as Flexbox will take care of it. Reading times have been tested from 2 to 3 minutes in total, depending on ECU model. Writing times depend on actual size of modification inside file, from few seconds to about 9 minutes.

Flex has become a must for any people that want try to repair a gearbox.
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# SKU code Quantity Description
1 FLK35 1 Cabling kit: FLX3.5 color coded wiring harness
2 FLK42 1 Adapter kit: 6 pcs set of pin adapters to FLX4.2
3 FLX1.1 1 FLEX Base Module
4 FLX1.9 1 FlexBox Module for FLEX
5 FLX2.10 1 Connection cable OBD: FLEX to CAN/Kline RED
6 FLX3.9 1 Connection cable: USB 2.0 AM-BM BLK 1.8m
7 FLX4.9 1 Power Supply adapter 110-240V 14V 5A
8 FLX9.1 1 Flex & FlexBox diagnostic adapter
9 FLX8.10 1 FLEX Branded Box


Technical Details:

Led PC Port
Power Data Error USB 2.0
Power Communication Port
12V 5A/24V 2.5A ISO 15765:2 x CAN ISO 99141-2 & ISO 14230: 2 x K-LINE, 1xL-LINE Ethernet SAE J1850 PWM, VPW SAE J1708
Protections Universal Port
ESD 1kV Over power Over voltage Over temperature Power polarization USB galvanic separation Universal 15 In/Out ports Voltage standard: internal 3.3V, internal 5V, external 1.8 – 5.5V JTAG, BDM, AUD, UART

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