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Now you can reprogram Toyota & Lexus Denso ECUs!

MAGPro2 X17 is a state of the art device that allows its user to reprogram several types of ECUs and TCUs in OBD and Bootloader mode. It is greatly appreciated for its reliability and numerous features: CHK calculation on EEPROMs, OBD Unlock on VAG ECUs with TPROT 12, ECU and TCU cloning and last but not least its high-level Tech Support.

Upon purchase of X17 you will receive an entire year of free support and updates from the MAGICMOTORSPORT Helpdesk - after that, don't worry! You will still be able to use your tool even if you decide not to renew your Helpdesk account.

However, MAGICMOTORSPORT provides unique warranty terms for any user who maintains a constant unexpired subscription to our updates & support system - the device will always be repaired or substituted for FREE no matter when it was purchased. You can read the conditions of this warranty here.


Supported controllers:

  • Toyota Denso 896xx with MPC 76F0085, 76F0038AGD, 76F0039AGD
  • Lexus Denso 896xx with MPC 76F0085, 76F0038AGD, 76F0039AGD
  • Scion Denso 896xx with MPC 76F0085, 76F0038AGD, 76F0039AGD

Am I making the right choice?

MAGICMOTORSPORT's first objective is to have satisfied customers. To emphasize this, we state in our Money back guarantee that the device can be sent back to the MMS Office within 14 days of the date of purchase for any reason and the client will receive a full refund. Read more about it here

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