Products showcase in Trinitapoli (BT) - Puglia - Italy

Inni Organizatorzy

M.C.E. Di Miccoli Cosimo Damiano


Trinitapoli (BT), Italy
Holygold Via Torraca nr.2 76015


lis 26 2022


9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Products showcase in Trinitapoli (BT) – Puglia – Italy

Magicmotorsport in collaboration with M.C.E. by Miccoli Cosimo Damiano, official dealer, organizes a presentation on the best programmers for ECU, TCU and keys. Join us to upgrade knowledge and skills in the automotive field.


  • Company presentation
  • Presentation of productsHow an ECU is madeFlex programmer ECU and TCU
  • Company presentation
  • Presentation of products
  • How an ECU is made
  • Flex programmer
  • ECU and TCU programming methods with MMS tools
  • Use of MAGICMOTORSPORT Software
  • OBD, Bench, JTAG, BDM, Bootloader,
  • How to use the Helpdesk
  • Overview of programming accessories
  • StageX software
  • Tax benefit with Transition 4.0

Free seminar on programming and key cutting


  • Silca product presentation
  • Future Auto
  • Smart Pro
  • Connections, main features, operation, use of the programmer and the cutting machine. Reading and writing of a transponder.
  • Key programming from OBD socket
  • Extensive functionalityVehicle infoRemote procedureOn-board electronic diagnosticsOptimized management of a transponderTax benefit with Transition 4.0

Xhorse product presentation

  • VVDI Key Tool Plus
  • VVDI Mini Prog
  • Condor XC-Mini Plus
  • Description of functions included by the VVDI Key tool Plus as the only Xhorse product that contains the features of 4 different tools such as (VVDI 2 / VVDI BMW / VVDI MB / VVDI Prog)

Programming and learning of keys and mechanical cutting

  • ECU coding / adaptation / replacement
  • Recognition and cloning of a transponder
  • “Prog” function (memory programming – MCU)
  • Make File Key function
  • Reading modules (without desoldering the components)