A base mapping course (Level 2) in Falenty - Poland.
M.S. Group - Lukasz Zielinski


M.S. Group - Lukasz Zielinski


Falenty - Poland
4 Żywioły Falenty Ośrodek Konferencyjny, aleja Hrabska 4, 05-090 Falenty


Jul 10 2020 - Jul 11 2020


8:30 am - 4:30 pm


€ 1500 + VAT

A base mapping course (Level 2) in Falenty – Poland.

MAGICMOTORSPORT, in collaboration with M.S. Group, an official distributor in Poland, has organized a base course on the development of maps for Diesel vehicles in Falenty. Sign up to acquire new skills and abilities in the chiptuning sector.

Program of the course:

Level 2 – Mapping course

1. Introduction

  • WinOLS – introduction, overview of extended functions
  • Data processing methods (tabular)Analysis of the main tables with an explanation of simple methods for the processing of the identified areas.
  • Analysis of differences and similarities between particular groups of ECU’s

2. Diesel ECU modification

  • Torque monitoring and torque request
  • Driver’s wish: the driver’s torque request;
  • Torque conversion in injected fuel quantity;
  • Limitations of torque & injected fuel quantity;
  • Injection monitoring and injection timing
  • Injection times, Rail pressure and advanced injection timing
  • Turbo pressure & limitations;
  • Air Fuel Ratio control system

3. Calibration example (Bosch EDC16/EDC17) with WinOLS software

  • Software management of anti-pollution systems – introduction
  • EGR & particulate filters – disabling and emulation
  • Swirl – control and disabling
  • DTC tables – searching, identification and editing
  • Summary, Q&A

This course will be held in Polish. The registration is € 1500 + VAT and the maximum number of participants is set to 6.
Certificate of Attendance will be released to all participants.

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